Do your people want to come to work each day, get along better and help the organisation succeed? We work with individuals and teams to develop the leadership and organisational cultures people aspire to. Our focus is on the human, relational dimension of organisational life. This means we put people and values first. Why?  Because people who are satisfied and cared for at work are more likely to contribute to productivity and profitability.

We offer Tailored Training, Executive Coaching and Consulting, Leadership Development, Counselling, Restorative Conflict Mediation, Professional Supervision and Culture Change Processes NZ Wide.



Would you like more effective relationships with colleagues, customers and other stakeholders? Quality relationships add vaue to all aspects of the organisation and are key to its success. 


Are you wanting to address conflict in your organisation? Conflict is inevitable in any context where people live or work together. It can be both constructive and destructive. We work with individuals or teams to address issues constructively so they can get on better and get on with the job.


Are you looking to streamline systems and communication processes in your organisation? If so, our unique Reflexive Audiencing approach facilitates leaders and teams to take a ‘helicopter’ view.  This perspective helps to streamline processes by looking closely at the ways culture, practice and relationships operate. Once identified, trouble spots can be addressed.  


Are you wanting to enhance your workplace culture? Our consulting, coaching and training services can help. Investing in workplace culture, that is in-sync with organisational values and goals, can produce worthwhile returns. For example, effective and valued cultures can enhance employee engagement,wellbeing and productivity and contribute to increased profits.


Are you involved in medical, legal or social practice professions and want a reflective space to address work issues and develop your practice? If so, our professional supervision service can help identify, reflect on, critique and develop relevant areas of practice.


Are there people in your organisation who are struggling with issues that are affecting their wellbeing? Our counselling service assists people to better understand issues and relationships. Counselling can also help people develop more resourceful, satisfying ways of living, relating and working.

People are looking for new ways of relating and working.

The tide has turned. More and more organisations have realised they can no longer measure their success on numbers alone. According to NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern (Newshub, October, 2017), the market economy has failed our people in recent times. Therefore, the measures have to change, she claims. We believe that the measures must include the wellbeing of people. People make successful organisations and are the most valuable resource of any organisation. Looking after your people is more important now than ever.

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Many organisations have already adopted measures that prioritise people and values. This is evident in their culture and leadership development processes and filters through all aspects of the organisation. And, they have realised the many and varied advantages of doing so. The evidence is clear. People who are valued and cared for are more likely to be satisfied, contributing members of the organisation.When involved in organisational decision-making and development they are more engaged and productive and the organisation profits. Our wide range of services and products are built on sound theoretical ideas. They are aimed at putting people and values at the heart of organisations. They are also practical, user-friendly and cost effective which makes them ideal for leaders and managers to learn and utilise.

Leadership support and workplace culture development are available through tailored training packages, consultancy, conflict management and mediation, counselling, professional supervision and executive coaching NZ wide: our support is available both online and on-site. 

Executive Training and Leadership Development Resources

Our executive coaching products include JUST Leadership – a book and activity cards for anyone wanting to develop leadership.

Services include individual or group leadership consulting, culture change processes, Reflexive Audiencing©, standard or tailored training and facilitation services, restorative conflict management and mediation, professional supervision and counselling. Looking for organisational culture change, executive coaching and leadership development NZ? See our products and services pages for more details.


Individual and Group Coaching and Mentoring

We work with individual managers and leaders as well as groups and teams.

All you need is willingness and desire for a thriving people centred and values-based organisational culture.

All of our products and services are developed from sound theoretical ideas with experienced and qualified consultants and facilitators.



Managing Change and Development

‘Relational Leadership’ is one of the key concepts we draw on to work with organisational culture change and development.

Relational leadership involves ‘Just Relationships’ founded on principles of social conscience (justice) and simply (just) a commitment to relate respectfully and appreciatively.

These two approaches are drawn from theoretical foundations that understand people and experience in social and relational ways. They also take power, politics and culture into account at all levels of organisational development.

Understanding people and experience in this contextual way requires reflexivity. This is the ability to take a ‘helicopter’ view on aspects of your organisation. From this overhead perspective it is possible to identify, critique and address areas for change and refinement. Our services and products are all designed to develop reflexivity.


Business Leadership, Culture Change Processes and Executive Coaching NZ

We offer our services both online and on-site. Our focus is the human, relational dimension of organisational life. If you want to enhance your workplace culture and develop your leadership, we invite you to contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. Simply call Wendy on 027 604 9605 or email us. Our business hours are Tuesday to Friday 8.00am to 4.30pm (or by negotiation).


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