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Conflict Management, Restorative Mediation and Training NZ Wide or Online

More than 25 years’ experience

Conflict resolution mediation typically involves

  • Individual or joint sessions to identify issues, hopes and expectations, clarification of the process, rights and responsibilities, confidentiality and its limits, cultural and contextual factors, commitment
  • Joint sessions, where relevant and possible, using a facilitated, appreciative and structured approach to relational conflict management. This includes creating a safe space for speaking, hearing, acknowledging, emotional expression, making meaning and strategising
  • Reflection and review of the process which may be completed individually, in joint sessions or electronically

We also provide training workshops and leadership consultations for leaders and organisations wanting effective and constructive ways to to manage conflict.

Conflict resolution training typically involves

  • Individual consultations that explore communication skills, approaches to conflict, relevant scenarios and ways of addressing these. This may also include reference to organisational policies and procedures and their relevance to the conflict management process.
  • Group or team workshop sessions that include communication, emotional expression, practise scenarios, cultural and social factors and theoretical conflict management approaches.

We tailor training for your personal and organisational preferences


My conflict management and restorative mediation philosophy

When handled well conflict can be a compelling way of grappling with difference and can produce amazing results. Alternatively, it can be destructive and hinder progress. 

To be in a conflict situation means there are at least two differing or competing positions or points of view striving to be taken into account. There are also a broad range of issues that can affect relationships and be personally and professionally unsettling.  As we are all in relationships – with ourselves, with others and with different life experiences – conflict is inevitable, relational and it affects everyone.

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Effective conflict management involves understanding the ways conflict operates. This includes making sense of conflictual situations and the impact on people, their relationships and the organisation. It also includes developing more satisfying ways of responding to them. Addressing conflict is particularly important when disagreements, differences and contradictions become problematic and have an impact on staff wellbeing and organisational progress.

My approach

My approach is relational and collaborative. I aim to help lessen the detrimental effects of conflict by creating a safe environment to address it. Experience has taught me that it is more helpful to focus on the issues rather than on individuals. This is because identifying and addressing the issues helps minimise the harmful effects of personal attack, blame, defensiveness and shame. Wherever possible, I also work with people to address the personal and relational injuries caused by conflict.

Our work together may include individual and joint sessions with people affected by the conflict. How we do this depends on what is relevant and possible and we work that out together.

Check out our short tutorial on addressing organisational conflict.

Wendy Talbot PhD, MCouns, BCouns, PG Cert Couns Sup, CATE 
Member registered with NZ Association of Counsellors since 1995
I have more than 25 years experience working with individuals, couples, families, whanau and groups to manage conflict and its effects on their lives and work. Conflict management is essential in any personal and professional relationship so that differences and challenges can be addressed effectively. Conflict and mediation work has been a part of my counselling, professional supervision, group facilitation, teaching and ethics committee work. This has been in a range of contexts including tertiary counselling and education insitutions, community agencies and self-employment.

I offer conflict management and restorative mediation through counselling, professional consulting sessions and training online and on-site.

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Why adventurous conversations?

It can be risky and scary to venture into conflict territory when it involves vulnerability and uncertainty.

We have skills, experience and qualifications to work alongside you to address conflict in your workplace.

Our services include working directly with you to address a particular conflictual situation as well as training and resources for staff.

You can expect

  • Professional, ethical practice
  • A qualified experienced facilitator informed by sound theoretical ideas
  • To go at the pace and level that works best for all concerned
  • Processes that are appreciative, collaborative and relational
  • Adventurous conversations

Conflict Resolution Training NZ  – Want to know more?

To find out more about our conflict management training and restorative mediation service you can contact us by

Phone, email or book a Complimentary 30-minute Introductory Consultation or Professional Mentoring Consultation to address conflict in your team or organisation

I look forward to talking with you further about how we might work together.


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