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Online or on-site (by negotiation).

Wendy Talbot PhD, PGCertCounsSup., MCouns., BCouns., CATE


My professional consultation philosophy

Professional consultations are available for individual or group mentoring and coaching. This makes them ideal for people wanting to address issues, enhance relationships and develop professional practice.

We are all in relationships – with ourselves, with colleagues and clients, with our work contexts, professions and personal lives. These relationships are often complex and challenging to negotiate and can significantly impact on our work. At these times, direction and solutions are not always clear or easy.

Professional Consultations offer the space and opportunity to think and talk through situations that are complex or challenging. In particular, they help gain a perspective from which to clarify situations and work out directions or solutions. This process is not so easy to do in the busyness and pace of the workplace.

Theoretical approaches that inform my practice

Relational Leadership best defines the theoretical approaches I draw on in professional consultations. Broadly, this views people and organisations as products of social and cultural relationships. Therefore, my approach is primarily relational and values-based. People manage many relationships with themselves, with others, with their work etc. The focus of Professional Consultations is on identifying the issues, understanding them more clearly and working out more satisfying ways of addressing them. These conversations usually take into account cultural and political influences that impact on people and their relationships because these often contribute to the issues.

Another important approach I utilise is reflexivity. Broadly, this is the ability to identify a situation, understand how it has come about, evaluate and review it effectively.

Reflexivity is a feature of all our products and services including mentoring, corporate counselling, conflict management, restorative mediation, training and leadership development. Relational leadership and workplace culture development are our business.


I have worked for more than 25 years in the areas of personal and professional practice and relationship development. This has been through counselling practice, professional supervision, group facilitation, counsellor education, corporate counselling, professional practice education and research.

Over the years I have gained qualifications including Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Counselling, Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision and Certificate in Adult Tertiary Education. These all inform my work with organisations where good relationships and professional practice are vital to organisational success. 

Click here to learn more about me, my work experience and qualifications. 

Why Adventurous Conversations?

If you are looking for a professional, confidential space to address workplace issues, enhance relationships and develop your practice, we can help. It can be risky to invite another professional into conversations particularly when they involve uncertainty and complexity. Yet, the opportunity to reflect on your practice and work situations, make sense of them, and find satisfying outcomes can be particularly helpful.

You can expect

  • Professional, ethical practice
  • A qualified, experienced consultant informed by sound theoretical ideas
  • To address what is most relevant and important to your professional context
  • Adventurous conversations

In our first consultation

If you wish to book a consultation, we will collaboratively discuss and clarify

  • Hopes and expectations for our work together
  • Session bookings, cancellation and postponement
  • Ethical matters including confidentiality and its limits
  • Appointment bookings, costs and methods of payment

For more information on Professional Consultations download a brochure below.

For more information on Relational Leadership download a brochure below.

Want to know more?

I offer a no-obligation, complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss your professional practice development needs, outline the consultation process, and negotiate arrangements for meetings.

Book a Complimentary 30-minute Introductory Consultation or Book a Professional Consultation

Both of these services can be booked online. Professional Consultations can be one-off sessions as needed or more regular if that is preferred. Sessions are an hour and longer session times can be negotiated for groups and teams, if necessary. On-site and phone consultations are also available by negotiation.


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