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Do you want your team to get along better together, get on with the job and get on with helping your organisation succeed?

Our online and on-site culture change management and leadership tools help teams develop and thrive through times of change.


Wendy Talbot PhD, CATE, MCouns., BCouns., MNZAC


What is workplace culture?

Broadly speaking, workplace culture reflects “the way we do things around here”. It is created through the collective efforts of people employed (voluntarily or paid) to achieve the kaupapa (objectives, business priorities) of the organisation. These people come from varied backgrounds and bring diverse cultural, historical, political, social, educational knowledge and experience to their work. Together, they shape the organisation and the organisation shapes them.

Why is it important?

At one end of the spectrum there are organisational cultures that emerge quite organically. They operate without much awareness or attention being paid to them. At the other end there are organisations whose cultures are carefully and deliberately created and maintained. Some work well and others not so well.

A thriving workplace culture usually involves people working well together, demonstrating overall wellbeing and work satisfaction and contributing productively to organisational success. Alternatively, a problematic workplace culture is often evidenced by lack of  cohesion, morale, wellbeing and satisfaction. In these situations productivity and organisational success are likely to be compromised. See the links to Blogs below for a more extensive list of factors that affect organisational cultures.

Why invest in workplace culture?

Investing in your organisational culture can have important benefits for enhancing stakeholder engagement, attendance, productivity, profitability, health and wellbeing. This is best achieved in an environment of trust, safety and care. Our work involves creating robust ways for people across all levels and positions to contribute safely and fully.

My theoretical approach

Relational Leadership theory and practice guide my organisational culture work. Broadly, this views people and organisations as products of social and cultural relationships. Therefore, my approach is primarily relational. This involves getting people together to talk about what they believe works and what doesn’t. I facilitate groups or teams to collectively envision the environment in which they can best get along together and get on with their work and lives. Together, they formulate ways of achieving that vision. Individual and organisational wellbeing and success are always at the forefront of these conversations.


I have worked for more than 25 years in personal and professional relationship development. This has included adult education and training programs, counselling, professional supervision and tertiary teaching.

Relevant qualifications include Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Counselling, Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision, Bachelor of Counselling and Certificate in Adult Tertiary Education.

Follow this link to learn more about me and my qualifications and experience.

Why Adventurous Conversations?

It can be risky to invite another professional into  your organisation and work alongside you to put the spotlight on your relationships, processes and practices. Culture change management often involves working with staff who are venturing into unknown territory that can be challenging and uncertain. Yet the effects can be invigorating and enhancing; creating space for new and effective ways of working and relating. We can contribute the skills and experience to help your organisation negotiate this territory.

You can expect

  • Professional, ethical practice
  • A qualified experienced consultant informed by sound theoretical ideas
  • To address what is most relevant and important to your professional context
  • Adventurous conversations

Want to know more?

Check out our Blogs if you would like to consider the shape of your organisational culture and the influences that shape it.

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Choosing a person to consult with professionally is an important step to take. I offer a no obligation complimentary 30-minute phone or online consultation to discuss the possibilities for working together.

Book a Complimentary 30-minute Introductory Consultation or a Professional Mentoring Consultation to progress your team or organisation’s culture development

Our conversation can include

  • Hopes and expectations for how we might work together
  • The culture change management process we offer
  • Appointments and session bookings
  • Fees and methods of payment
  • Other questions you may have


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