We are passionate about making workplaces happy spaces where people get along together and help the organisation succeed.

When people are happy at work, the organisation stands the best chance of achieving its goals. The best ways of people being happy at work are when there are respectful relationships, effective leadership and a thriving workplace culture.   

We have extensive experience in working with people to communicate, get along well and manage conflict effectively. 

Our mission is for people to go to work at places where they are valued and can contribute fully.



Professional and personal relationships have been the focus of my work for over 25 years. Whether in personal or professional situations, relationships where people work together fairly, safely and cooperatively can achieve amazing results. Good relationships enhance satisfaction and wellbeing. They are more likely to lead to successful outcomes and benefit communities.

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Before saying more about myself  professionally, I will introduce myself personally.

Tēnā koutou katoa

Ko Puketapu te maunga

Ko Te Arai te awa

Ko Horouta te waka

Ko Rongowhakaata te iwi

Ko Manutuke te marae

He uri anō hoki ahau nō Ngāti Pākehā me Ngāti Airihi

Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa

Greetings to all

Puketapu is the mountain

Te Arai is the river

Horouta is the canoe

Rongowhakaata is the tribe

Manutuke is the marae

I am also of Pākeha and Irish descent

And so, greetings to you all

I’ve worked in private practice, community organisations and tertiary institutions with individuals, couples, families and groups. My teaching has spanned undergraduate and postgraduate programmes related to Professional Practice, Counselling, Groupwork, Conflict Mediation and Restorative practice and Supervision.

Over the years three things have remained constant. The first is my passion for relationships. The second is the importance and value of relationships to every facet of life. The third, is the need for relationships that can adapt and thrive in dynamic and diverse circumstances. This is because, life and people are constantly changing.


Alongside my work with people and relationships I have gained qualifications that involve personal and professional development and are relevant for a range of contexts. These include a PhD, Master of Counselling, Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision, Bachelor of Counselling, Certificate in Adult Tertiary Education and Certificate in Community Skills.

Professional Membership

I have been a Member of New Zealand Association Counsellors (MNZAC) since 1995. I am also an elected representative on the National Ethics Committee and Waikato Regional Ethics Team of the Association. I am an Accredited Clinical Supervisor of Drug and Alcohol Practitioner’s Association Aotearoa-New Zealand (dapaanz) since 2019.

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Research and publications

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There are a range of topics that may interest you.

Further research and publications are listed below.

Talbot, W. (2016). Humor takes the stage: A performance of couple’s humor. In e. emerald, R.E. Rinehart and A. Garcia (Eds.). Global south ethnographies: Minding the senses (pp. 31-58). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

Talbot, W. (2015). “It’s not till you actually see it you believe it”: How recordings can make a difference for clients. Journal of Systemic Therapies, 34(4), 13-28.

Talbot, W., & Suisted, J. (2015). Starfish Social Services Trust: Youth, parents/caregivers and stakeholders evaluation of issues and services report. Wintec Voucher Research Project.

Talbot, W. (2012). Reflexive audiencing practices for couple relationships-in-action. (Unpublished doctoral thesis). University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.



I am motivated by and passionate about Leadership and Resilience Building. This includes mentoring and life coaching that enables people to explore desires and dreams to hold self-value and achievement. Combining my life and work experience with the power of oracle cards and narratives I work alongside people to explore life’s challenges. Through this, the opportunities for growth and future hope emerge and develop.

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Work roles over more than 42 years have included senior civil defence and emergency management adviser, career firefighter, officer and leader. This includes experience dealing with emergency situations while staying empathetically connected to people’s needs in trying times. It also includes leadership roles involving mentoring and development of staff. I continue to work providing assistance, advice and direction to District and Local Councils. This supports emergency response teams in delivering effective emergency management and resilience building to their communities.

NZ Honours recipient

I was awarded a Queens Service Medal in 2008. This was presented during my tenure as the Chief Fire Officer of the Hamilton City Fire Brigade. It recognised leadership demonstrated in the aftermath of an explosion and fire in which one fire officer died and seven firefighters were seriously injured.

Professional membership

My professional membership (by examination) is with the Institution of Fire Engineers since 1983 and a committee member of the NZ Branch. I am also a financial member of the International Association of Emergency Managers. I completed a Master of Emergency Management from Massey University in 2015. Together, these exemplify my dedication to professional practice, self-development and life-long learning.

If it’s to be it’s up to me

Ted Tracy USA
(Motivational Speaker and Salesperson)


As life partners for almost 40 years, we share work and life principles that are people centred and values driven. We spent more than a decade co-facilitating couple relationship courses. We bring a unique blend of our shared and diverse professional and personal values, experience and qualifications. Together these provide rich contributions and qualities to the products and services we offer. We  both savour time with our young grandchildren and extended family, sunsets, and coastal life.


We dedicate Adventurous Conversations Ltd to Thomas Halbert* – Adventurer, whaler, trader, Pākeha Māori**.

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Leaving Scotland as a young sailor and settling in New Zealand in the late 1820s must have required an adventurous spirit. Work as a whaler and trader would have involved risk and courage. Also, adapting to life as Pākeha Māori, learning te reo Māori and marriage with Keita Kaikiri***, meant forging new relationships and cultural identities.

Thomas’s adventurous spirit, willingness to risk, openness to embrace change, courageous journeys into unknown territory, generosity, appreciation for difference and diversity, and hope for something better are some of the foundational values and practices that Adventurous Conversations Ltd proudly associates with.

*Wendy’s great great great grandfather

*Pākeha Māori is a term given to pre-Treaty New Zealand “foreigners who live as Māori” (Bentley, 1999)

***Wendy’s great great great grandmother and descendent of Rongowhakaata iwi and Manutūke Marae, East Coast, New Zealand

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