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Are you looking for training and development for organisational culture, leadership and relationships?

We offer Tailored and Standard Training Packages – for workplace learning, culture and leadership development online and on-site.

Training modules include

  • Managing conflict and difficult situations
  • JUST Leadership
  • Fostering workplace relationships
  • Addressing diversity, power and privilege
  • Workplace Wellbeing – a community approach
  • Dealing with change
  • Workplace culture package – Why organisational culture matters; Envisioning organisational culture; Putting the culture vision to work; Keeping the culture alive
  • Becoming reflexive
  • Approaching retirement
Organisational relationships and leadership development are our business


Learning is relational. We are all in relationships – with ourselves, with others and with life experiences that affect our learning in many ways.

For learning to be effective and accessible it must be practical, user-friendly, cost effective and relevant. To achieve these aims, we tailor training and development programs that fit the organisation, its people and kaupapa (core business).

For people to get the most out of professional development and to put the most in, our training programmes are designed with principles of adult education in mind. These include identifiying, building on and enhancing participants current knowledge and experience. It also means delivering programmes that fit with participants hopes and expectations.

Our teaching activities are varied and interactive and cater for the different ways and stages people learn. They are also adapted to participants differing levels of knowledge and experience. Our programmes can be graduated to begin with simple, practical ideas and examples and progress to more complex and theoretical content as required.

We prefer a relational, collaborative and appreciative approach to group work. This means working together, valuing all knowledge and experience, reaching for the best possible outcomes and solutions. To do this, we embrace diversity, commonalities and difference and believe in creating inclusive, safe, respectful learning spaces.


We each have more than 25 years experience and relevant qualifications in working with professional and personal relationship development. Our work as adult educators, in a range of organisations and roles, has involved training, mentoring and professional development. When people get on better together they can get on better with the job.

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Wendy Talbot PhD, CATE, MCouns, BCouns.
Gary Talbot QSM, MEmgMgt, CAT, MIFE

Why Adventurous Conversations?

Venturing into new learning and development can be It can be challenging; particularly in group situations. Yet, the experience can be invigorating and the rewards worthwhile. Our leadership and workplace development training is tailored to minimise the challenges and maximise the rewards.

You can expect

  • Professional, ethical practice
  • Qualified experienced facilitators informed by sound theoretical ideas
  • To go at the pace that works for you
  • Acknowledgement of the knowledge and experience you bring to the training.
  • Varied and interactive learning activities.
  • Relevant and practical learning
  • Adventurous conversations

Want to know more?

Choosing a facilitator who can engage well with participants and the teaching material can be difficult.  We offer a no obligation complimentary 30-minute phone or online consultation with one of our trainers to discuss the possibilities for your professional development needs.


Book a Complimentary 30-minute Introductory Consultation or Professional Mentoring Consultation to discuss training and facilitation for your organisation or team


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